Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy

We invest in healthcare-related companies that are:

  1. Impacting the Triple Aim -- improving quality, improving health outcomes and reducing cost
  2. Participating on the healthcare value chain
  3. Nearing or at commercialization

Most of our investments are strategic.  We support our portfolio companies by making capital contributions, providing directional oversight and participating in strategic planning.  More specifically, some of the ways we have added strategic value to our investment companies include:

  • Access to our distribution networks on the healthcare value chain
  • Exposure and introductions to our broader network of health plans across North America
  • Direct access to nearly 1.5M Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona® customers

  • Piloting innovations through our provider network, customer base and/or employees to test and drive outcomes
  • Leveraging our health expertise and data to enhance healthcare solutions and innovations

We LOVE our field of work.  Contact us if you believe your company aligns with our investment strategy.


Trinnovate Ventures is an independent company and does not offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona® products.